Clarisonic Cleansing System, Two Weeks In

We recently broke the news of Clarisonic’s official launch in Ireland, meaning it’s now more widely available on a national level (find it in Brown Thomas stores in Dublin, Cork, Galway and Limerick, and watch out for its roll out in House of Fraser and Debenhams, too).

I’ve now been using the device for about two weeks, morning and night, and find it remarkably quick and simple to use. You take off your eye makeup first, apply some cleanser to the brush head, press a button and rest the brush head lightly against your face, moving in small circular motions until, after one minute, it switches off.



The brush spins at a frequency of 300 micro-movements per second,  a frequency range which the inventors have patented, calling it the ‘sweet spot’ -  anything higher would be too aggressive, and anything lower just wouldn’t be effective. By hitting the sweet spot, the device is SIX TIMES better than a manual cleanse.

The ‘purging stage’ I was so dreading has been nowhere near as dramatic as I’d feared. I developed a tiny pimple above my eyebrow, and a slightly larger spot on my chin, but I have no way of knowing if that’s actually anything to do with the Clarisonic or not. My face is no stranger to the odd blemish, especially round about this time of the month.




But to be honest, I'd put up with a few spots to reap the other benefits of the device. From the very first use my face felt incredibly soft and smooth, and my skin literally drank up the products I followed up with. I feel like I’m getting much more out of the various lotions and potions I’ve invested in.

I had a number of red marks where old blemishes were healing or had caused scarring and these have improved dramatically. Open pores around my nose have tightened up. My face looks brighter and more radiant. And the lines on my forehead that I had started to be so conscious of are much less noticeable.

I know that this could be a honeymoon period. I know that things could change (like they did for Lynnie). And if they do, I’ll tell you, rest assured. But for now, I'm in Girl Crush Central and, in the immortal words of Chris De Burgh, “And I said now I've found you, I'm never letting go. Oh whoah oh.”

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