Cold Weather Skin Savers: Guinot Age Nutrive

Guinot age nutriv

Billed as a product for those who are 40+, Guinot's Age Nutrive is something my 30-something skin drinks up and loves. I adore it as well: it's got a fabulous texture, feels beautiful on the skin, provides a brilliant base for makeup and it's shaped like a spaceship - always an important consideration in a skincare product.

And I can tell you it works, even without going off and reading the bumpf as to why it works the way it says it will. I know this because I finished the entire pot, and I have to really, really love something to do that.  I winter-tested it for a month or so before Christmas and it left winds and breezes-ravaged skin feeling comfortable, dehydration line-free and all round well hydrated. I can't praise it highly enough, really.

If you're interested in the science, it can do all that  because it's got Guinot’s exclusive Cellulaire Life Complex, which helps to regenerate skin cells thanks to a total of 56 ingredients, all essential to the life and regeneration of epidermal cells. Head bursting yet? There are also oils rich in omega 3 and 6, raspberry seed oil to strengthen cell membranes and Phospholipids and Vitamin F to restore intercellular cement. Lawks.

Anything bad about it? Yep - it's a bit Face Cheesy, but I handle that with a combo of Modern Friction, the Wave and muslin cleansing cloths, and I'm pragmatic about congestion anyway. If the rest of my face looks smooth and younger than its years, then hey, I can handle a little build-up in my chin. There's one other thing that's not so hot about this product, and that, girls, is the price. You'll lay out a whopping €162.50 for 50ml. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.


Cheaper than a facelift, though!

Buy it from one of 200 Guinot salons in the country - call (0818) 719 303 for one near you. Strawberrynet have it right now for €95.

P.S.  - inspired by Aphrodite's how do you say that hard word post, you pronounce Guinot 'Gee-noh'.

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