Conceal like a pro with colour corrector concealers

You can conceal like a pro with the Vichy Dermablend colour correctors. These cream concealers have got all colour correction needs covered.

This range of concealers from Vichy is pretty impressive. The creamy pots give really good coverage and you can choose whichever colour suits your specific skin problem. You will be able to conceal like a pro MUA with a couple of these in your makeup bag.

Vichy dermablend conceal like a pro

Vichy Dermablend Colour Corrector €15.72

Colour Theory

This range of concealers is pretty professional. You need to brush up on your colour theory to choose the right one for your colour correction needs. There is yellow, green, purple and peach in the range. The green one, we probably all know is to conceal redness. If you have rosacea, broken capillaries or high colouring in your cheeks, green will correct and conceal it. The violet one is to correct yellow undertones or jaundiced looking skin. It's probably a less common issue but the violet concealer will even out the skin tone and brighten dull skin. The peach colour is for concealing brown spots and pigmentation. I love peach concealer for correcting blue undertones, generally under the eye area. The skin under the eyes is thinner than anywhere else. Blue veins show through the skin here and can make you look tired. Finally, the yellow tone will also work well under the eyes and to conceal spots and blemishes on the rest of your face. It will work well on most skin tones.


Skin Types

These concealers are full coverage. They are hydrating but have a matte finish and are intended for all skin types. If you have an oilier skin type I think you'll love the finish of this creamy concealer. However, with dry skin, I found the consistency a little too dry so I needed to prepare my skin well before applying the concealer.

If you are dry you might need to use something to plump and hydrate the area to make it sit well. I used a brightening moisturiser to prep my skin before my makeup. I used the peach coloured concealer under my eyes and over my pigmentation spots. It almost completely covered them. I patted it on the area with my fingertips and used my beauty blender to diffuse the edges of the area. Then you need to pat on your foundation over it with a stifle brush. Be careful not to brush the concealer away with your foundation brush.

Apply Before Foundation

Contrary to the popular 'over or under' choice, as in you can apply concealer before foundation or after, these concealers are best applied before foundation. I usually apply foundation first and concealer second so that I don't build up more coverage than I need. In this case, where you are doing actual colour correction, you need to finish with foundation so that there is no inconsistency in the finished colour of your foundation.


Have you used colour correcting concealers before or do you prefer a concealer to match your foundation?

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