Dianne Brill Still and Fill All Night Temptation

Dianne Brill

Oh have I got something deadly to tell you about today!

Dianne Brill makes fun, flirty and gorgeously designed makeup - and until now that's all the brand had to offer.

Now she's taken things to another level and started to produce fabulous skincare. True to form, this is deliciously different to anything else around right now.

Echoing my feeling that good skincare is akin to heaven, Ms Brill says: "With my Still and Fill skincare the apple and the snake have come together, this time to indulge and tempt your face into a softening and calming paradise"


Ingredients include Swiss hydro apple fruit (not many of them down in Tesco), essence of snake venom, oasis cactus, vitamins and shea butter - all making this night repair cream smell absolutely yummy (think granny smiths). Its light texture sinks right into the skin without any of the cloying heaviness that a too rich nightcream can sometimes cause.

This cream leaves your skin soft, sweet and gorgeous.

A BIG thumbs up from me!

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