Do you do this with your tweezer?

We are all guilty of it, a favourite tweezers. Your go to. The tweezer that has your back and you know will get the job done!

But, what happens when that old friend is on its last legs.

Even if you buy a new tweezer sometimes it's just not the same.

We recently came across this hack and we are obsessed!!


All you need is a nail file or some sand paper!

When your favourite tweezer gets a little dull and finds it difficult to pick up hairs this is exactly the solution you have been looking for.

All you have to do it pop your nail file or sandpaper into your tweezer tip and squeeze your tweezer closed and pull it along the jagged edge of the file or sandpaper. Repeat if needed.

Job done! Easy as that and your tweezer will be back in tip top shape.

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