Do you know the golden rule of contouring?

Do you know the golden rule of contouring? There are many ways to contour but if you follow this one simple rule you should perfect the technique.

Contouring can be a simple or as complicated as you want it to be. The complicated way of contouring is to contour with creams. You know, the crazy looking contouring guides where there are brown and white stripes painted all over your face.

The shading needs to be placed just so and the highlight needs to brighten all the high points of your face. Then you've got to blend it all out seamlessly so that you don't actually look like a tiger. Finally, you are going to need to set all those cream concealers with powder and bronzer and add your blush and a highlighter powder if you want.




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Or, you can avoid all that and spend a whole lot less time contouring. It's much simpler to contour just using powders. You use your bronzer to shade and contour and a shimmer powder to highlight the higher points of your face. Both ways will work. Both ways will contour and chisel your cheekbones. The difference is that the first way you will end up with a heavier makeup look. There will be foundation, then concealers to contour and then powders to set. You can choose your method depending on the finished result you are after.

The golden rule

No matter which method you choose, there is one golden rule to make sure that you get those killer cheekbones. All the products you use on your cheeks need to blend upwards. Upwards is the golden rule. Towards the tip of your ears to be precise. When contouring, use bronzer in a line from the tip of your ear towards the corner of your mouth. Then, blend it out so it is diffused and doesn't look like an obvious line. Here's where the golden rule comes in; you need to blend it, using circular motions towards the tip of your ear.


After your bronzer, apply blusher. Again, it should be concentrated on the apple of your cheeks and then blended in upward circular motions towards the tip of your ear. Finally, use your highlighter powder to highlight the very tip of your cheekbones, once again, from just under your eye back towards the tip of your ear. Do you see the common theme here? Everything needs to blend in an upwards direction to give you the killer cheekbones you want to create.

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