If you don't have this essential eyeshadow palette in your makeup kit you're missing out

There are a few beauty essentials that we believe everyone should have in their makeup kit. This is definitely an essential eyeshadow palette.

As a beauty junkie, one tends to have an abundance of eyeshadows. Many of which you probably never even use. You know that that crazy palette with shades of electric blue and green? The one you bought for a festival you went to five years ago? The not-so-essential eyeshadow palette? Well, it's nice to have them for the odd occasion that might arise, say a fancy dress party or something. And they are in fact, part of a collection, so don't feel bad for having tonnes of rarely used collector's items.

This palette will not be in that category. This will most likely sit front and centre of your dressing table, or at least in the top drawer. Right up there with your daily foundation and powder. It is a practical beauty buy with a perfect matte/shimmer ratio; the colours are suitable for day and night wear. You have a lovely spectrum of brown shades form warm yellow brown right up to dark brown shades. The lighter matte brown works as a perfect transition colour. It's also an ideal everyday shade that you can apply quickly for work. You can use the darker browns for liner or to create a really smoky effect.

Nude'tude essential eyeshadow palette

The Balm Nude'tude eyeshadow palette €35

There is a beautiful pink champagne shade that deserves a mention because it was the first colour to go in my palette. It's a gorgeous colour to wear as a wash of colour with some mascara to brighten up your eyes or as your lid colour with a smoky eye. The white colour is comparable to MAC White Frost but has even more pigment to it. It will give you a seriously cut out eyebrow and a high shine in the inner corner of your eyes.

essential eyeshadow palette The Balm

Now before you tear it apart and pick out the one, two or even three shades that you personally wouldn't use, I have to remind you of the practicality of buying a multi-shade palette. For €36 you get 12 shades. So even if you only use nine, they have technically only cost you €4 each. That's good value whatever way you look at it. It's hard not to feel sorry for the few shades that get left forever untouched in the palette and may feel wasteful, but remember you actually saved money and packaging by buying them all in one palette.

From our swatches, how many of the colours do you think you would use regularly?

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