Dr Hauschka Available in M&S: Make Room in Your Basket Alongside the Pack-of-Five Knickers and the Chocolate Bites

Dr Hauschka is one of those brands that we love here at Beaut.ie towers. Whether it's the Rose Day Cream for sensitive skins or the the Neem Nail Oil that can rescue nails from past the point of rescue, there is something in this range for everyone.

Now, some of their ideas go against what I know my skin likes. For example, the brand doesn't advocate night creams or exfoliants.

But I know that when my skin is feeling at its most sensitive, a good dollop of their light moisturisers and cleansers will set it right back on track.



And so we were delighted to hear that from Septermber, Dr. Hauschka will be stocked in Marks & Sparks across the land (and online). So now when you run in to pick up your stirfrys, chocolate bites and pack-of-five knickers, you'll be able to stock up on some fabulous skincare too.

And if you're wondering what products would suit you, check out this guide to determining skin type. Are you the skin type that  you thought you were? And will you be stocking up in M&S?

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