Dr Hauschka Facial Leads To Skin Care Revelation And Change In Routine

Sometimes I think the therapist in the beauty salon sees me as a bunny from Watership Down. I am like Bigwig getting a facial. Before she has even shone the all seeing light onto my face, I have the "rabbit in the headlights" expression plastered on my face.

It always happens at the same moment. I am filling up the consultation form and it asks what skin type I am. And suddenly I am overcome with the urge to tick every box. Dehydrated? Absolutely. Oily? I suppose. Sensitive? I have no idea so let’s say yes. I’m like a Duracell Bigwig with a biro.

Well confusion no more. I went for a lovely pared back Dr Hauschka Skin Clarity facial recently and the therapist told me about their patented approach to skin care. They have identified eight individual and specific skin conditions, each of which correspond to a skin type that we know and love and/or hate.


This intermediate step may sound simple but I think that it is genius. It has opened my eyes to exactly what skin type I am. The difference in this approach lies is the detailed description of each condition and the fact that there are eight to choose from.

Dr Hauschka has always played by its own rules. They advocate treating like with like and don’t believe in slathering on a good old night cream.


If you want to try their approach to skin condition, give the below a whirl.

  • Wash your face but don’t use any toner or moisturiser.
  • Leave your skin settle for 30 minutes.
  • Think about how your skin looks and feels. Compare it to the chart below to see which condition and type most fits with your skin.

Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 4.40.20 PM

I have switched to their Rose Day Cream Light, making sure I apply it when my face is still damp from toner. It turns out I am not the dry and dehydrated prune that I had assumed I was. I am actually the proud owner of sensitive combination skin. And a twitching nose below my long velvety ears.

What do you think of Dr Hauschka’s approach to skin care? Have you tried using their chart? To the comments and tell all!

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