Easy Glitter Polish Removal

Christmas and New Year is the time to wear glitter nail polish but it's a complete nightmare to remove. I'm guilty of wearing multiple coats of glitter nail polish so my nails are super sparkly and twinkly and then I spend the next day regretting it because I cannot get it off without slowly picking it off in chunks.

But, I've got a really easy to remove glitter without damaging your talons.

In the picture below I went a little over the top with glitter, I applied three coats of Models Own Juicy Jules, it looked great but no cotton pad could remove it!


To remove it quickly and easily, I started by soaking a cotton ball in acetone nail polish remover. I know it's not great for the nails but it's the best for tackling glitter. Next, hold it over the nail and wrap a strip of kitchen foil around the nail and seal the top.


I usually leave it for ten to fifteen minutes and then take it off the foil and the cotton ball and use a bit of kitchen roll with a little nail polish remover to take off the glitter in one swipe. I use kitchen roll because it tends to be a bit textured and it seems to work better.


If you don't have kitchen foil or you're like me and can't be bothered cutting the foil and taking the effort to wrap every finger, you can use a hair bobble instead.


And voila! The glitter is gone without wrecking your nails.

Did you got over the top with the glitter polish this Christmas? How do you usually remove the blasted sparkles? Let's gab in the comments!

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