Elemis Tri-Enzyme Restructuring facial at Sanas

Oh there are facials ... and there are facials. This was amazing. Everything a facial should be and more.

But let me not get ahead of myself. I'll start at the beginning and give you the full run down.

The Elemis Tri-Enzyme facial is the latest treatment from the renowned Elemis line. Elemis is famous for superior luxury salon treatments and skincare formulated from high quality natural ingredients. Now I'm no stranger to facials, I was looking forward to this one very much, but I didn't expect the results I got. I had a couple of facials in Bali over Christmas so I thought my skin was in pretty good nick - it got a whole lot better after this facial!

I have to admit dear reader, I tried very hard to remember every detail to tell you. But I confess, snuggled under my cosy blankets, the base of the couch heated, in the candlelit room, with the calming music playing... I couldn't concentrate. And who could blame me?

There are so many steps to this facial, so many luxurious sensations and delicious aromas. Your face is cleansed and massaged with light tapping movements, heating formulas are applied, then cooling ones, arm and hands massaged, the gel like mask applied and peeled off after a few minutes, your skin soothed and nourished. When a treatment like this is carried out by a skilled professional, as in this case, the whole experience is enhanced a hundred times over.


At the end of the treatment my therapist, Aisling, handed me a mirror to see the results. I was actually taken aback at how good my skin looked . Fine lines were dramatically reduced, skin tone was much more even, and my skin had that longed for glow. Your skin isn't red and sore and blotchy as it would be after, say, microdermabrasion.

"Wow!" Remington said when he saw me straight after the facial. "Your skin looks amazing!"
I heard that a lot after this treatment.

Check out the Sanas site at www.sanas.ie for more information. Book your appointment for this facial today - I'm going back for another, for sure!

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