Eye cream: your questions answered

We get tons of questions about eyecream - here's the most common ones - answered!

1. Why the need for a seperate cream for eyes anyway? Can't I just lash my regular moisturiser on?
The skin under the eyes is much thinner and more sensitive than the rest of the skin on the face. Heavier creams can overload this skin and drag it down or make it appear puffy - this is why you need to go for a seperate eye cream that's formulated for this area. Plus it will have ingredients to hydrate and freshen up the appearance of undereye skin and make it appear firmer.

2. The skin under my eyes is really dark and makes me look like a raccoon. Is there any cream that will sort this out?
Unfortunately no, not really. Dark skin under the eyes is either genetic or due to tiredness/bad diet or some other problem (sometime a kidney infection for example). Despite claims, there is no cream that can really sort this out - the best they can do is hydrate and make the eyes appear fresher.

3. Am I too young to start using eyecream? What's the right age?
There's no rules. You don't need to start using eyecream any younger than your mid twenties really and most of us wait until we're into our thirties before it becomes a must have. But if you'd like to use it earlier go ahead - pick a nice light eye cream in the same range as your favourite moisturiser.


4. Why the lines under eyes anyway? What's that all about?
Well because the skin under the eyes is thinner it shows wrinkles sooner. And any time you smile or crinkle up your eyes for example it's just setting you up for eye wrinkles. Great eh?

5. Creams aren't working! Will botox get rid of my lines?
Yes it will get rid of crows feet. Just like that. But you need deep pockets for botox and you need regular injections to keep the lines away.

6. I want some recommendations! Can we have a Rate It?
Of course - we'll have one tomorrow. So save your recommendations for then!

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