Face D 3-Luronics Hydrating Cream/Serum: That'll Be a No, Then

Some things just rustle my feathers right up the wrong way. Like, RIGHT up.

Here at Beaut.ie, we like telling the truth about products. We want to talk about what works and what doesn't, and we want to be honest about it. With that in mind, my pee'd off button gets rightly pressed when brands and products make impossible claims.

3-Luronics from Italian Brand Face D is a hyaluronic acid based serum/cream hybrid which claims to have visible anti-aging effects. The product's slogan tells you all the emotive hooey you need to know - 'Be Young Now. Forever'.


Yup - that slogan makes me about ready to kick some butt. Slogans like this one are the beauty industry at its worst. It's essentially telling you that looking your age is bad, and promising you that you can look young forever. This is apparently some sort of magical immortality serum...

And yes, I know it's a metaphor, but it's a metaphor that's designed to make consumers feel insecure about the way they are. Man, does that royally pee me off...

Maddening slogan aside, let's look at the product. It has a creamy white consistency that's also a bit gel-like. Face D recommend applying this alone for oily skins, and topping it up with moisturiser for drier skins.

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The moment you apply the gel, it starts to dry and makes the face feel somewhat more taut. This is entirely temporary, however - it's just a side effect of products formulated with hyaluronic acid and without oil.

The product claims to contain three forms of hyaluronic acid, one of which works in the short term to give immediate effects, and two of which operate in the longer term to hydrate skin from within.


And there's my beef. If you head to the 3-Luronics section of the Face D website, you'll see a little diagram (above) that shows how the product works. Now, if you're not a skin geek, you might not know that your skin's basic construction is made up of two layers.  There's the epidermis, which is the outer layer of your skin; the one to which you apply your topical products, and then there's the dermis. This is a deeper layer where most of the science-y magic of skin happens. The 3-Luronics diagram depicts the product penetrating the dermis.

This is total nonsense. When you apply topical skincare, it is absorbing into the top 0.5 millimetres of your epidermis max. The only way to get active ingredients into the dermis is to inject them. End of. This serum does not reach the dermis when rubbed into the skin. No way, no how.

So if you have dehydrated skin, this product might boost it's hydration levels. I didn't notice any significant difference in my skin on using this, but that may be because I use a lot of hyaluronic acid rich products already. It is certainly a hydrating serum; my only issue with it is that it makes claims which it simply cannot live up to.

However, this product costs €29.99 (available at Lloyd's Pharmacies), and I simply would not pay that for something which makes impossible claims, even if it is effective in other capacities. I don't want to be young forever; I want to be my best self. That's all any of us can hope for, and that is damn well good enough, if you ask me!


What do you think of this product? Have you used it with success? And am I alone is getting disgruntled by slogans like this one? To the comments!

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