Are magnets about to change the face of skincare?

There are so many beauty products on the market claiming new and different benefits it's hard to keep up with it all. But when I came across this new face mask, it was hard to forget.

Let me introduce you to "Younger Revealing Mask Intense". It's the latest invention from cosmetic dermatologist Harold Lancer, who treats everyone from Kim Kardashian West to Lucy Hale.

Although the anti-aging mask will set you back €250, it promises to do a whole lot more than just remove impurities.

The mask has ingredients like retinoic acid to help with your skin's texture and collagen production. It also features a mineral powder that is enriched in iron which reacts to a magnetic pull. A magic magnetic wand comes with the mask to sweep the mask right off of your face. No rinsing required!


How it works: you apply the mask ask you norally would, by slathering it all over your face. After about ten minutes, you use the magnetic want to remove the goop. All that remains is the anti-aging properties invisibly getting to work. The wand's mechanism is also supposed to decrease puffiness.  I am also informed that the mask will help with skin plumping and radiance.

The product launched on October 1st and you can purchase it online only - if you have a spare €250 lying around - from Dr.Harold Lancer himself.

I'm not sure if I would be 100% sold on this face mask to be honest, but I'm always open to trying new things.

Is this top of your Christmas wish-list or more of a gimmick in your eyes?

Via Cosmopolitan


Fun Fact: Victoria Beckham gave an interview with Net-A-Porter during a week and everyone's been reporting on her skin fact, to eat salmon every day. Well, guess who gave her the advice? Only her dermatologist, one Dr. Harold Lancer!

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