4 types of face masks and when to use them

Face masks can help to boost our normal skincare routines. We're looking at four different types today, and when to use them for the best results.

Face masks are one of our favourite beauty treats here at Beaut HQ. The great thing about them is that they're like a helping hand for your normal skincare routine. During winter, you might opt for hydrating formulas, whereas in spring it might be clarifying. Throughout the year, most of us need a little hydration boost, and that's where a mask can come in handy too. That's what makes them so good - there's freedom to target your skin however it needs at any given time.

There are plenty of different face masks on the market to suit any budget and skin type. We're looking at four different types as well as when to use them.

Sheet Masks

Also known as Tissue Masks, these are one of the most popular "new variety" of face masks on the market. From cheap and cheerful high street versions to pricey luxury buys, there's something for everyone out there.

The way these work, is that the light sheets are soaked in a high performance serum, which can be absorbed quickly into skin. They are often best for quick hydration and brightening.


Peel Off Masks

Peel-off masks are ideal for times when your skin needs help... but you're feeling a little lazy. There's no need to wash them off, but you still get the results you want. Win, win then eh?

Another way to use peel off masks is as a skin-prep aid before makeup. Because you don't have to wash your face afterwards, it's a clever way to save time but still squeeze in a little skin treatment before heading out.

Jelly and Rubber Masks

Rubber sheet masks are considered the next step up from a normal sheet or tissue mask. They set when applied to the skin and then can be peeled off. This means they are far less messy than traditional clay masks and a little more user-friendly than sheet masks. Rubber masks are commonly referred to as modelling masks too, though, as they resemble the look of artist's putty when applied. Another name you might have heard for them is jelly mask, which sums them up quite well.

Rubber sheet masks are designed to create a barrier that will seal in nutrients and prevent them from evaporating. Essentially, the idea is that it will force feed our skin because the ingredients don't have anywhere else to go.

Sleeping Masks


Another winner for those who like time saving beauty. The origins of Sleeping Masks  stem (like most new skin care innovations) from the K-Beauty scene. The idea behind them is that they are intense treatments that can be worn while sleeping. Most are focused on hydration, anti-aging and brightening. But the overall idea is to help skin recuperate from the external stresses it endures all day long.

Do you love face masks as much as we do? Which is your favourite?

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