What are spangles and why do you need them in your makeup kit?

Do you look on enviously at the fabulous eyeshadow creations on Instagram and wish you could recreate them? Spangles are an easy way to pimp your eyeshadow.

Eye makeup is scary for so many reasons. Because it looks so artistic, you might think it's only for creative people, or that you can only do it if you have a steady hand. This is not true at all. Fr nearly everybody, all you need is enough of an interest and the patience to spend the time perfecting it. It also helps if somebody tells you the simple tricks to creating some of the very technical eye makeup looks out there.

This time, we're talking about a trick that is genuinely simple. As in anybody can do this. Just pop your eye makeup on as you normally would and add a few 'spangles' for a bit of bling. But what are they? Spangles are tiny little sequins to stick on your face or body. They are so easy to apply and they will bring your eye makeup to the next level.

To stick them on, use a little clear Duo glue to stick them to your skin. Or just spray some setting spray on your fingers and dip them into the spangles. Once they are sitting on your finger tips, spray them again and quickly place them on to your skin.

Here are some Insta examples where spangles are used to create drama. Ideal for a festival makeup or fancy dress.


How about Saturday-night-spangles?

You don't need to go all out and put them all over your face. They can be made much more Saturday-night-friendly by just applying two or three of them to give you a little sparkle. You could wear your usual smokey eye as natural or as dark as you like and then add your eye-bling. Place them in the centre of the lid or as they are in this next picture. You don't need to be too particular about the placement. Sometimes a messier placement is more effective.


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