The three best summertime hand creams

Three top summertime hand creams. Because sometimes, hands get dry, dammit

When summertime approaches, we start to venture out more at the weekends, which is exactly why summertime hand creams are needed. Dehydration extends to our claws, but as well as that, more events and outings mean more reason to start looking after ourselves.

Hand and nail care are big business these days, with nail bars popping up on every corner. If a nail bar is not your thing, you can still work on your DIY mani or just keep your hands nice and hydrated with a great hand cream. One of those can be hard to find, though, so I have made life easy for you and narrowed it down to my three favourites.

  • Nivea New Hand Care Range (from €3.39)



I'm really impressed by this hand care range. What I most hate about a hand cream is when it's too greasy and after I apply it I can't use my hands for 15 minutes until it fully sinks in. This is a happy balance of both hydration and non-sticky hands.

Clarins has always been a favourite of mine as they just seem to have the balance right when it comes to hand cream. Now, with these smaller versions at a more affordable price, it would just be rude not to.


We all know how good Image skincare is, and if you don't already, it's time to bite the bullet and use it. The hand cream is no different and this one can even be used on your body also. The only downfall is a slightly sticky residue but the smell is almost worth it.

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