FIRE! Quick, pass the foundation! How obsessed with make-up are you?

I HAVE a friend whose worst fear is a fire starting in her house in the middle of the night. Not because she could lose all her possessions or may suffer from smoke inhalation, or even that her neighbours will see her in her ancient shabby nightdress with the tear over the arse.

No, it's because her neighbours and the fire fighters will see her without her make-up. And nobody sees her without her make-up. (Also, nobody puts her in the corner, but that's a different post altogether.)

She is obsessive about it. She goes nowhere without make-up and very genuinely being caught without her face on is a source of real worry to her. She's not the only one - I've another friend who literally would not drop into a neighbour to pick up a package without a full face of slap and a dose of fake tan.

It's all a bit alien to me. This is a terrible confession to make on a dedicated beauty website but I don't really wear that much make up. I own one BB cream, one foundation, one concealer, two eyeshadows, one mascara, one blusher and a couple of lipglosses.


Day to day I wear the BB Cream with a slick of lip-gloss. Often, particularly if I'm working at home, I wear no make-up at all. Going shopping or in to town or to meet friends for lunch I'll stick on some eyeshadow with the BB Cream and then for big nights out or occasions such as weddings I'll do a whole face with foundation and concealer.

Hands up who thinks for example that Katie Price is simply stunning without make-up? Well she's amazing looking and actually looks fine without it.  But if she dares to go out fresh faced she has to cope with endless criticism.

Ditto most celebrities and when they do venture out fresh-faced they usually wind up in a glossy magazine with a 'Circle of Shame' around their faces berating them for having a shiny nose or thin lips.

What do you think - do you simply love make-up or do you need it? Could you contemplate going out for the night bare-faced? Is there any harm in feeling a bit better about yourself once you have your lippy on? Am I asking too many questions?


I'd love to hear your point of view in the comments.

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