Five Makeup Brushes We'd Be Lost Without

It's all well and good having the best in beauty products, the most luxurious of foundations or the best and most effective in budget primers, but there's really no point investing any of your money in make-up, if you're not prepared to invest in the most important tool of all: the brushes.

If you arm yourself with a small collection - you really don't need a lot, trust us - of really decent, reliable brushes, you'll find that your make-up not only looks more professional, becomes all the more easy to apply, you'll also notice your make-up lasting a hell of a lot longer.

Here' are five brush types we couldn't live without and, most importantly, why:

Giorgio Armani €38.50 Giorgio Armani €38.50

There are so many options when it comes to eye shadow brushes but the truth is you need only one: a blender brush.

You could essentially apply your base with your finger if you fancied it and let this blending brush do the rest of the work, but I just use the one brush for everything, unless I'm working light and dark colours. I made the choice to invest in a good blender brush a good long time ago, and I haven't looked back since.

I get quite a few compliments for how I manage to blend my eye shadow so well, but really and truly, it's all down to this little wizard. Blending could not be easier, just work in small circular motions all along your socket line and keep going 'til you've blended yourself into oblivion. It's worth it!

Nars €46 Nars €46

Another brush type that we at couldn't go without is an angled contouring brush, such as this one from Nars.

If you want something super effective but don't quite want to splash out on a brush for your bronzer, a brush for your blusher and a brush for your highlighter, then this is what I use for all three. Again, it's not down to my skill with contouring (though with a little practise you can get very good), it's all in the tools.


Trying to contour with anything more rounded or anything bigger just won't give you that professional edge. This shape, however, will make your contouring dreams come true.

Mac €21.50 Mac €21.50

I've lost my precision eye-liner brush more than a few times, and I've cried REAL tears 'til I've had a chance to replace it. It's THAT essential for my cake gel liner application.

You really can achieve all manner of professional eyeliner looks with this little superstar. Unlike an angled eye liner brush (which I just find a bit hard to use), with this brush you can keep things as super thin or as thick as you like, cat flicks and all. The shape here gives you far more control than anything else I've worked with. A worthy investment.

Bobbi Brown €62 Bobbi Brown €62

For all over powder application, you need something super luxurious such as this one form Bobbi Brown that won't start spouting hairs after one or two uses, and the same goes for the foundation brush below.

I can't recommend investing in decent, real hair brushes enough, as opposed to something synthetic. You know what they say, if you buy cheap you buy twice. You'll get a really long time out of real hair brushes, you'll get a far superior application and you won't be picking hairs off your face as the day goes on. And provided you take good care to clean and look after your brushes, they'll be the best beauty items you ever bought.

Lancome €35 Lancome €35

With a foundation brush like this you'll notice your foundation lasting a lot longer than if you let it soak up into sponges or applied with your fingers. Apply yours with quick small strokes back and forth for a flawless finish.

What brushes can't you live without? What's your favourite brand for brushes? Are you a budget or high end Basil Brush?

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