Five things you are doing to your skin that's not doing it any favours

Getting your skin into perfect condition takes hard work. It takes research, knowledge, consistency and diet and more to ensure your skin looks its best, and even then, don't forget that hormones can play a huge part in the appearance of blemishes and fine lines.

We are all guilty of at least one of these skin faux pas, but as I said, knowledge is power and getting to the bottom of what causes your skin woes is the best place to start.

These are the five things to avoid at all costs if you want to get your skin in better nick.

  • Using face wipes

Caroline Hirons said it best when she said, "wipes are for bums". There is an enormous amount of alcohol in face wipes which can dry out the skin. There are also many chemicals for preservation. If you still have some in your possession, you can use them - to remove makeup that has splashed on your clothes or shoes. Not on your face.




  • Over-exfoliation

We always hear that it's important to exfoliate but over exfoliating can do the opposite of what it's supposed to do. It will strip your skin of all the good oils and just end up drying it out.



  • Sleep with your makeup on

If I haven't said it enough already, I'll say it again just for good measure. Sleeping with your makeup on is probably the worst thing you can do, purely because your skin is most absorptive from the hours of 12 am - 4 am. So, if you haven't washed your face it will not only absorb the makeup left over from the day but the dirt and bacteria that has built up also. Wash. Your. Face. At. Night.


  • You don't clean your phone

From your hands, face, handbag and general surfaces, your phone gathers a huge amount of bacteria. The more I think about it, the more I need to go and sanitise my phone right now. You should clean it regularly with antibacterial wipes or spray, especially if you are someone who enjoys long winded phone conversations like me.


  • You eat too much sugar

It pains me to say this because I love sugar. All of it. It is my weakness. Sadly, however, sugar damages the collagen in your skin and causes premature sagging. Heartbreaking, I know.



Are you guilty of any of five these things?

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