Forgotten Treasures: Rediscovered Beauty Favourites

Here at you know we love to keep on top of all the new beauty release, but when you're always looking ahead, it can mean you sometimes forget about products you've previously loved in the past.

Recently I was sorting through my bits and bobs and found a couple of things I'd completely forgotten about and it was like bumping into some old friends. It got me thinking, maybe it's time to celebrate a few old favourites - of course, they're my picks but I'd love to hear yours too! So, without further ado, here we go on a little trip down memory lane:

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  • Astral Cream:

Definitely not a new release having been around since the mid 1950s, what I personally like about this is the soothing feel of it when you put it on. The thick, rich formula smells like you'd imagine an old school cream would too, which is just a little thing, but I find it comforting.

And having oilier skin means I can't use it every day, so I tend to slather a layer of Astral on on evenings where I feel my skin needs a little love, but it also works very similarly to Charlotte Tilbury Magic cream to give a glow underneath foundation. (€2.49/200ml)

  • NARS Smudge Proof Eye shadow Base:

I was kicking myself when I found this lurking in the bottom of one of my make-up bags a few weeks ago - how could I have forgotten about this?

The lightweight cream glides over lids and makes blending easier plus does what it says on the tin, creating a smudge proof base. (€26)

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  • The Body Shop Beautifying Oil:

Remember when we were all suspicious of oils? Thankfully those days are gone and now there are loads of different ones out there to choose from. I remember at the time this one came out there were at least four others sitting on my desk to be tested out so I didn't really appreciate how nice it really was.

I've since revisited and love the silky feel, instant moisture hit and the scent that lingers on your skin for the day. (€14)

  • Butter London Tinted Balms:

Sometimes wearing lipstick can be a little bit of a chore, especially if it's matte shade, but then again a lip balm can look a little nothing-y, which is why I always really liked these hybrid offerings from Butter London (€20).

My favourite shade is Axis Kiss, a soft, pink that's close to lip tone; it moisturises and gives colour without trying to take centre stage making it an easy one for every day use (and for a more in-depth look, check out our previous review)

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  • Clinique Cubby Sticks for Eyes:

I really liked these when they came out, especially the plum and navy shades, the texture is soft and the crayon design makes for easy application. I tend to just scribble them onto lids and then buff out with a fluffy brush to create a wash of colour. (€20)


Do you have any favourites you have revisited recently? Go on, have a rummage and tell us what gems are lurking at the back of your bathroom cabinet.

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