Friday Feelings: The Best Nail Polish You Have Ever Owned

Does anyone remember the metallic effect, multi-coloured nail polish from Rimmel? I don't know if they sell it any more (because I haven't looked out for it) but I used to absolutely love it. The Metal Rush nail polish in Bronze Princess was the polish of my dreams because it was darkish and the colours looked different in different light or angles (I was a very indecisive young one) and it lasted and lasted and lasted.  

I got my first one years ago and was very sad when it dried out but then I spied another a couple of years ago, when it came back into fashion I guess, and snapped it up immediately. I was doing a nail polish clear out the other day and there it was backed into the corner of my polish box like a cute little puppy who knows he is going to the pound, so I couldn't throw it away, I just couldn't!

I have spoken about my love of the CND Vinylux top coat before and I still think it's brilliant so it's probably the best polish I've owned but I came here to discuss my newest discovery, which I have chatted about before, but I have to share with you again.

The varnish in question is Wet n' Wild's Megalast and the shade is...actually I don't know the shade name but it's a light grey. I applied it in a hurry last Thursday - that's a full week ago - and look at it:




It looks a little ragged on my index finger - which is the finger I have most trouble with - it's always pointing and pressing and generally doing index finger things - but apart from that I am so impressed with the finish and lasting power. And guess what? I didn't put on a base coat or a top coat (because I was away last weekend and forgot to bring any) and it still played well. Bravo Wet n' Wild!

The colour shouldn't matter, there are a good few nice shades in the range, but I have got more compliments from friends, family and stangers for it than any polish I've worn before (apart from maybe my Rimmel Bronze Princess.)

Not only do I like the shade, I love the quality and the price - it's only €2.99. I know, wow.

So let's share; what is the best polish you've ever owned? Is it a high-end masterpiece or a budget wonder? Are they still available to buy or are they but a distant, fond memory?

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