There's a new way to get big lips and glitter is involved

Big lips have long been a sign of beauty. A lotta people want them and go to all sorts of lengths to get them.

There are easy ways to make your lips look bigger that don't involve any needles. There are non-invasive methods that will plump your lips to their biggest, juiciest capacity. But the easiest way to get big lips is with products. Lipsticks and lip pencils can be used to overdraw your natural lip line but I want to talk about lipgloss and glitter.

I do love a great lipgloss. What makes a lipgloss even more effective at making your lips look fuller is glitter. The basic concept behind glitter and gloss is that anything shiny will enhance your lips. We all know that we use shine to highlight and matte dark colours to contour. The theory for a fuller lip is no different. Shine catches and reflects the light. With the right placement of gloss - front and centre - your lips will look instantly bigger.

Glitter and Gloss

This image shows the more dramatic version of this technique. It looks gorgeous and you could certainly pull it off around the holiday season (dare I mention it). However, you can try a slightly muted down version of the look with just a shimmering lipgloss.

A More Subtle Approach


This lip is just as juicy and high shine but the glitter particles are not as big as in the first image. There are lots of glosses with a fine glitter through them that will give you this effect. My top tip is to use a lip pencil underneath to enhance the colour.


The Easy Way

This image shows the difference between a matte lip and a glossy lip and again a lipgloss with a very fine shimmer in it. In the top right corner, you can see the most understated way to wear a glitter lipgloss.


Do you like the big lip look? What lengths would you go to for a fuller pout?

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