Gel Nails

gel nailsIt's like they're a compulsion or something. Every time I get them done I say No More. They wreck your real nails for months afterwards and lets face it they just don't look real do they?

And yet I keep getting them done. When I see someone who's had a really good set put on, or I'm going to a glam occasion I automatically think Gel Nails! And then they're too long, or they're too thick, or they just look ridiculous. And I can't zip up my jeans, write anything down, or send a text.

I got them done a couple of weeks ago for a wedding in Killarney. I knew it would be a great weekend, what with the night out before the wedding, the wedding day itself, plus the party the night after, and everyone would be totally glammed up and dressed to the nines. So while I was down in the beauticians getting the eyebrows done and other routine maintenance, I thought, what the hell and said "you wouldn't do my nails for me while you're at it would you?"

Of course she did. And she did the worst job I've ever seen. They were about an inch thick and wider at the top then my actual fingers. Shudder, they looked like a creation of Frankenstein.


Try your best not to give in! Instead, nurture your nails with the right products and lavish care on them. Don't go for instant gratification, because you have to live with the destruction for months afterwards.

Okay, I'm going to leave a little get out clause here... I might still use my glue-on Sporty Squares. And if the craving gets too bad.. well maybe a (tasteful) set of nails... See, I know myself too well.

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