This genius eye makeup hack will change the way you get ready

Never ruin your eye makeup when you have to hit the shower ever again

I'm there right now. I thought I could get away with it, but my hair is greasy AF, and I have to go somewhere important. I also spent ages applying my eye makeup and filling in my brows. Removing and reapplying my hard work appeals to me as much as going on a date with Trump.

But, there's a solution.

Tumblr user Lauren (laurlaurrdraws), has the answer. Earlier this month she posted her protect-your-makeup-from-the-pesky-shower hack and so genius it is, it's gone viral. The post currently stands at 108,000 notes, meaning users have liked and/or reblogged the post that many times.

So, what is it? Like all great ideas, it's oh, so simple.

eye makeup hack


That's right: swimming goggles.

Buzzfeed got in the touch with Lauren, who explained why she didn't just, eh, use dry shampoo (it's a no-go because of her perm) or just throw her head back into the sink. To that, she said, "Listen, if you think I'm gonna squeeze my fat ass head between a faucet and a drain and deny myself of a wonderful, full-body experience, you're dead wrong."

"My hair is greasy, and by the end of the day I had my makeup on, and I wanted to go out with my friends, but I'd be dead before I wasted another pair of lashes and 45 minutes blending eyeshadow."

Damn straight, Lauren.

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