Gosh 22 Colour Shadow Palette: Pictures & Swatches

gosh 22 shadow palette

While technically the 22 shadow palette is one of Gosh's Christmas gift options, I have to say, eh, total self-gift opportunity, ladies.

This is €14.99.

Yes. Fourteen ninety nine. For 22 colours, four spongey applicator yokes and a big mirror. Not bad, eh?

gosh 22 pan palette shade selection

Here's the shade selection: not too shabby, I think you'll agree. A decent mix of warm and cool tones; neutrals; a few brights, darks and jewel shades make this a really workable piece of kit. No, you probably won't use all the shades - I know I wouldn't, but there are definitely a good 11 or 12 that immediately catch my eye.

Oh and did we discuss the price? Yes. Very cheap.

gosh shadow pan size - about 10c coin size


What size are the pans though? Around the size of a 10c coin each, they're smaller than your average shadow pan for sure, but they're not tiny - big enough to comfortably fit a shadow brush into. The whole palette is about 9cm by 12cm in size - so it's not wee either, it's a decent heft.

gosh shadow palette 22

Textures are a mix of mattes and shimmers mostly, with a couple that have some more light glitter.

So, what's quality like? Gosh shadows are never massively pigmented - in my experience they're always round about medium, and these follow that trend. The ones I sample swatched felt creamy and soft and gave differing levels of payoff from sheer to medium - so primer will be your pal with this little kit.

gosh shadow swatches

Satches of four of the shades, two-to-three swipes of each. Again, primer will really make these pop - textures are lovely in all.

So - not a bad little buy for the price at all. Will you pick one up for a stocking filler or will you buy for a little payday indulgence?


You'll find this kit at Gosh stockists including pharmacies and AWear branches in the next wee while, so keep an eye out for it!

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