Effortless makeup looks perfect for when you're feeling lazy

Effortless makeup can be just that. No strings, no complications. Here are our favourite looks that are perfect for when you're feeling lazy.

Effortless makeup can be effortless. And I'm not talking about how the 'no-makeup' look is effortless but actually requires a lot of work. No, I genuinely mean easy stuff. These are the types of makeup looks that are handy to have banked for days when you're feeling lazy, or don't have time to go full on beauty queen with your makeup.

When it comes to simplifying makeup, there are some little tricks I find useful. The first is to think about what features you like most and want to enhance. That could be your smile, your eyes, brows or cheekbones. The second is to be clever about your product choice. Multi-purpose products are the lazy girl's best friend.

Here are a few easy, effortless makeup looks we love.

Boy Brows and Glossy Skin

Big brows are always a great feature to play up. To groom and set use a brow mascara and then add a touch of normal mascara to lashes. To create a dewy, glossy complexion, tap some balm onto cheekbones, eyelids and lips.


Statement Matte Lips

One of the great things about a matte lip is its staying power. Once it's on, it's on. I like to use liquid lip colours because they're generally a little more hydrating, but a classic such as Ruby Woo by MAC will work too. Choosing a statement shade such as red or pink will help to brighten your complexion too, which means you can skip applying blusher.

Lived in Eyeliner


Not in the mood to create a full smoky eye? This is a perfect alternative. Apply black liner to the waterline, allow it to soften into lower lashes and then blend with a little bit of eyeshadow. Apply mascara and voila, you're done!

Are you a fan of effortless makeup too?

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