How to look wide-awake in 5 easy steps

The five-step guide for those days when you wake up looking like you haven't slept at all. 

For the mornings when you wake up looking, basically, like you've been punched in the face, we have devised a fool-proof formula to trick our friends and family into thinking we've been up since dawn practising yoga and drinking wheatgrass smoothies.

How to look wide-awake look in four easy steps:


Dot a hydrating eye cream under the eye to prep the area. Make sure it's fast-absorbing - you likely don't have a lot of time to spare! The cream will serve as a base for your trowel job to ensure the makeup goes on smoothly.


Those black circles won't clear themselves. You'll need to cover the darkness with a colour corrector. Something that has an orange tone will counter the blueish hue.



Apply a concealer that is a couple of shades lighter than your foundation.


Set it all with powder to make sure your handiwork stays put all day and to prevent creasing. The best way, we've found, to do this is to spritz a sponge with some setting spray or primer water and press and roll the powder into the concealer. A yellow-toned powder will deflect the darkness.


Speaking of deflecting, a highligher is the final, essential step to looking wide awake. You could use a highlighting concealer like Touche Eclat. Dot it under the circle after your concealer and pat in. Alternatively, sweep highlighting powder in the same area. Instant radiance.


With these steps, even if you feel exhausted, at least you won't look it.

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