Got a cure for loss of V-Face? Let's instantly patent it!


V-Face does sound suspiciously to my western mind like you might end up with the green eyes of a lizard and other alien attributes.

But while in Malaysia on holliers I have become an avid reader of the New Strait Times and a watcher of the Astro channels. In between lazing by the pool and stuffing myself with the delicous foods of course. Sometimes the stuffing happened during the watching of Astro but I digress.

Anyway all of this cultural immersion into Malaysian advertising meant that I became well acquainted with the horror of losing V-Face. Lose your V-Face means acquiring jowls. As we get older the jawline becomes less firm and as your face starts to drop you lose that definition. All sorts of lotions and potions abound in Malaysia to prevent and even cure the losing of the V-Face and competitions are run to see who's improved the V-Face situation.


Unfortunately to my cynical eyes photoshop was the only thing that seemed to improve matters drastically. But what do you think? Is there anything bar a facelift that can actually work to prevent the loss of V-Face? If you can think of something I think you're set to make a killing on the Asian cosmetics market.

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