A guide to choosing your highlighter like a pro no matter what your skin tone

From pale to dark skin, we explain the do's and don'ts for choosing a highlighter that's right for your skin tone

I rarely go shopping, which I agree is unusual for a woman, but I just don't enjoy wandering around the packed shops on a busy weekend or my lunch break.

One must venture into the chaos 'round the silly season, though, and zipping around the shops this Christmas was an eye-opener for me. Within my haze of panic shopping, I noticed two things. First, I saw how many more people are really good at applying their makeup. Obviously, through the likes of YouTube tutorials and weekend and evening classes, you really can really tell the difference between how the average person can apply their makeup up on a day to day basis.

The second thing I noticed was that although their application and technique were good, the majority struggle with colour. Choosing the right colour when it comes to makeup products is just as important as being able to apply it.

I'm not just talking about foundation either I'm talking about colour choice with all your skin products. I can't even begin to tell you how many times I saw someone wearing a highlighter on their skin that almost looks grey in colour as opposed to glowing. So, I'm here to shed a little light on the situation should you be confused.

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Pale, Fair to Light Skin

When it comes to highlighting pale or light skin, choose a silver or lilac toned highlighter. This will help to brighten a dull complexion or give a lift to the skin in a natural and healthy looking way.



Light to Medium Skin

With medium skin tones, you are best to go with peach or rose gold tones. The warmth in them with pick up and neutralise the warmth in your skin creating a glowing effect.




Medium to Olive Skin

Avoid anything too silvery or cool toned as it will just look slatey on your skin. Move more towards warm champagnes and pink/peaches.



Olive to Dark Skin

With olive to dark skin tones, you will have to stick to a warm highlighter otherwise the skin looks grey and dirty. The warmth in the bronze shade ensures your skin looks fresh and glowing giving your complexion the lift you are looking for and not making you look like you rubbed your face in the ashes from the fire. It's not a good look, people.




There you have it, a brief explanation of how to choose your highlighter should you want to wear one.

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