Has ANYONE said YesYes to No!No! - what did you make of it?

The topic of hair removal is pretty much front and central in many a mind once the sun starts belting down from the heavens. (Oh joyous day that I can actually say that!). We've discussed everything from Brazilians to the hairs on our chinny chin chin - yes we have no shame - and now lets turn our attention to something that just won't go away.  The No!No!

It's been knocking around for an age and I realised that we hadn't reviewed it.  The infomercials are on pretty much every time you switch on the telly and the 60 day money back guarantee looks tempting.


No!No! looks like a really low powered type laser.  Salon laser couldn't even provide good results for me and so I honestly can't see how this yoke will work on a long term basis.  The P&P charges are high - there's no way it actually costs €10 or whatever to post something the size of two matchboxes - I don't care how quickly they're "rushing it to you".  And you never get this cost back if you decide the product isn't for you.  Plus a huge number of people will never send the product back even if they think its rubbish - that's how lazy we are.

Using a patented (and made up technology) No!No! has won several awards so that looks good surely?



Not really because some of those awards are for packaging.  You know those Product of the Year award logos that you see everywhere?  Don't trust them, because they're essentially packaging awards.

I'm really unwilling to shell out for 3 easy payments of €79 plus €10 P&P (€247) - even if it is in the name of research.  The advice on the Internet is conflicting and legion and only sends me into further indecision.

Who to trust?  Why you guys of course!  Has anyone ever tried No!No! and what did you make of it?

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