I Cannot Live Without...Darphin Fibrogene


What would you pay for great skin? €500? €1000? €2000? Lots of people do, with courses of expensive facials, laser treatments, surgery and more. I, however, have found something that works so well for me that, while it's over €100, I actually think it's a bit of a bargain considering that my skin has been bad for months. It's been blemishey, spotty and so bumpy I was starting to get really down about it. A facialist even said to me in very surprised tones, 'God, you've got a lot of congestion', which I didn't think was such a good sign.

I told yiz all recently about how Origins Modern Friction had worked wonders on my gross chin, but another issue I was bothered about was the fact I just could not seem to hydrate my skin enough. Pumping it full of serums, applying endless masques and all sorts of shenannigans wasn't working. It felt tight, uncomfortable and the evil lines were reappearing.

Then I tried Darphin Fibrogene cream at night and JAYSIS. It's amazing. It's for dry and extremely dry skins and mine is just loving it, drinking it in. It's a slightly odd texture alright, very thick and balm-y, but feels lovely on.


Bottom line - I am only delira to report that the combination of this and Modern Friction has made an incredible difference - my skin is friggin' brilliant at the moment. YAY! You can buy it on strawberrynet too, which is handy, and it's a good bit cheaper than Irish shops as well - €90.50, which they say is saving of 19%, but given our VAT rate etc, the saving is a bit more.

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