Indeed Labs Retinol Reface Resurfacing Treatment: It's Worth the Fuss

Retinoid creams prescribed by your dermatologist are extremely potent and, while noticeably improving fine lines and textural issues with the skin, are also a recognised treatment for acne. Their over-the-counter equivalent, retinol, can have the same benefits, but is much less potent. It should give you results, but you'll need to have patience and apply the product religiously once a day.

Indeed Laboratories, the company famed with creating wonder product Hydraluron (I'll never stop being impressed by how much it has improved my skin) as well as other amazing products like Peptabright and Eyesilix, have released a new offering. Welcome to my skincare arsenal, Retinol Reface.

Retinol is essentially a derivative of vitamin A - it unclogs pores, smooths the skin and reduces discolouration by speeding up cell turnover. If that weren't enough, with prolonged use it boosts collagen levels and ultimately thickens the outer layer of the epidermis for plumper, smoother, clearer skin. Indeed labs claim that this product contains three forms of retinol - in fact, it contains two forms of retinol and a peptide that behaves like retinol, but it works, and you can't argue with results!

retinol reface

This is marketed as an anti-aging product and it does indeed help to smooth sun damaged or more mature skin. Frankly, though, it's beneficial to every age and skin type.

Prescription retinoids are well known to cause redness, puffiness, and flaking on first use. I haven't found that with this product, which is much milder and contains ingredients such a glycerine to counteract any irritation. However, I don't apply it near my eyes. If you find that it does irritate your skin, then perhaps try to phase it into your skincare routine by using it twice or three times a week and increasing use as your skin grows accustomed to it.

You'll need to apply this at night as retinol can be compromised by sunlight. There is major disagreement among dermatologists as to whether retinol sensitises the skin to sunlight, so while they're sorting that out amongst themselves, you could consider using a daily SPF just in case!


Retinol products are rich in alcohol - hence the irritation to the skin. It's just not possible, however, to produce an effective retinol product without alcohol. With this in mind, make extra-sure that you're not using an alcohol-based toner, and that the rest of your skincare is alcohol-free.

dealing with dry skin post-pregnancy


Apply retinol reface before your normal moisturiser, and if you feel that your skin needs it, apply an oil over your moisturiser! Definitely don't skip moisturising, or you'll have sahara face very quickly.

You will need to use this product (nightly) for anything up to three months in order to see results. It's a commitment, but you will see the difference.

Indeed Labs Retinol Reface is available from Boots (at the time of writing) at the discount price of €18.32


Have you tried retinol products before? And will you be trying this one?

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