Jo Malone Vitamin E Gel

jo maloneSurprisingly for a company famous for its fragrances and scented candles, this was actually the first product developed by Jo Malone, and it's very much their 8 Hour Cream.

It's a great product that can be used on the face, lips, hands, cuticles, elbows - basically anywhere that needs a bit of extra help. You can slather it on your face as well for a really intensively moisturising treat. It's greasy though, so that's probably best done before bed! And like 8 Hour Cream, a little goes a long way.


So that's the pros, what about the cons? It smells yuck - a bit like linseed oil. And it's crazily expensive. A 30ml pot costs £62. That's STERLING. Yikes. Slightly cheaper is the Vitamin E Lip Conditioner, which contains a sunscreen, and costs £20.

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