Kegal panties: tighten up that big fanny of yours with PantyO knickers

Have you been receiving feedback from your partner that having sex with you is akin to throwing a sausage up O'Connell St?

If so you desperately need help to tone and tighten up that cavernous lady part you've developed.  And that help is here ladies - and not before time.

The "cheeky" spandax  panty - and the bit that goes inside

"The pantyO Kegel Exercise Extension (approximately one inch in height) is sewn into the crotch of the panty.  When wearing the panty, the extension is inserted vaginally  and provides a "focus" point for you while performing your Kegel exercises while squeezing on the extension."

Kegal exercises are pelvic floor squeezes and the PantyO website screams: Tighter is better! The knickers claim to help you to "tackle and relieve stress during the day" (?) and most importantly become MORE ORGASMIC!


So cancel that appointment in the Rotunda - (PantyO claim to help to tackle a variety of downstairs lady problems) and simply buy these overpriced knickers (they start at $55 and the pair shown here are $85).

So what do you reckon?  Yet another way to prey on insecurities, plain stupid, or a valid way to tighten up?



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