Kinvara releases 2 new products and they are the best things for winter skin

Kinvara lovers rejoice! They've launched two new products just in time for winter.

Only recently we wrote about our enduring love for the Kinvara 24hr Rosehip Face Serum. It's been one of our all time favourite skin care products for ages. Because it just works. The comforting formula is second to none when it comes to repairing skin as well as restoring brightness and glow.

Today, though, it's all about what's new. And the good news is, there isn't just one new product, but two to check out from the Irish brand.


  • Kinvara Hyaluronic Youth Boost €22.95

Dehydration can strike at any time, but it's always particularly prevalent during the winter. This fragrance-free gel will come in very handy indeed because if there's one thing that we know, it's that skin loves hyaluronic acid. Combined with HA are the superfood properties of turmeric as well, which will help repair and soothe distressed winter skin.



  • Omega Rich Hand & Nail Cream €15.95

Wave bye-bye to crocodile skin! Formulated with natural jojoba oil, cocoa butter and plant extracts, this soothing formula is designed to protect and soften both hands and cuticles. We're thinking it'd make a really nice Crimbo present too if you're putting your list together early.

Kinvara skincare is available in selected stockists nationwide or online. More information about the ingredients and new launches can be found via the website.

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