Why Kinvara 24HR Rosehip Serum should be in your beauty stash

Kinvara 24HR Rosehip Serum is something we always return to. Why? Because it works.

Kinvara isn't a brand that launches copious amounts of products every month or even every year. In fact, they've only got four in their entire range. But as the old saying goes - quality vs quantity. And that's a philosophy the Irish brand has stuck to since the very beginning. Kinvara-rosehip-serum

Of the four products, (which also include an eye serum, moisturiser and cleansing oil), it's the Kinvara 24Hr Rosehip Serum that remains our favourite. The light lotion not only smells divine but also does a lot of good for your skin in a short space of time. Especially when it is irritated, confused, dehydrated or just looking worse for wear.

For some reason, whenever I feel I need to "reset" my complexion, this is the product I reach for. It helps to tackle dullness, dehydrated patches, soothe redness and reduce inflamed, hormonal breakouts (especially spots that may have been poked at a bit).  Even after just one use, there's a general, overall healthier look to skin. Like you've had a really good, restful nights sleep.


Kinvara sample pack

So yes, this a serum we think should be in your beauty stash. But if you don't want to commit to the €29.95 price tag immediately, you could try the sample pack which is €9.95. In this, you'll find a sample of the serum, moisturiser and cleansing oil too.

For more info on ingredients and stockists, check out the official website www.kinvaraskincare.com

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