Lavere Body Control Anti-Aging-Energy Body Lotion

laveraRecently we blogged about Dove's new Pro-Age range, a suite of products aimed at the older ladies among us and which is designed to enhance and embrace the aging process. Very commendable indeed, but they weren't the first to have such a brainwave. Nope, German organic brand Lavera have a range of anti aging products called Lavere, and one of the items in the range is the Body Control Anti-Aging-Energy Body Lotion, recommended for 30+ users.

Skin is the biggest organ we have, so it makes a huge amount of sense to use something on it that's chemical and preservative free - and because this cream is from Lavera, it absolutely fits the bill.


After just three weeks of use, you should see a reduction in cellulite of up to 50%, your skin will feel more taught and firm, and you should also notice an increase in moisture levels too. Excellent news for those of us too cravenly to try something for six weeks before we get results! It also means it's a great product for a bit of emergency fixing before a beach holiday too. So if you've got one of them coming up, get over to now and stock up for €29.04.

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