Lush Christmas Gifts at, eh, Lush


I managed to get over my hatred of how Lush perfumes/permeates the end of Grafton street with such an overpowering cacophony of scent (and suxx to be you, American Apparel workers, this is karma's revenge for your horrible overlord, Dov Charney) a while ago now and I must say I do like a bath treat or two from the shop.

Lush stuff makes great pressies too and while they're usually quite pricey you do get a few nice bits: above are two of the more expensive ones for this Christmas, Fairytale and Winter Wonderland. Want to know what's inside? Check after the cut!

Fairytale, €42.50


Contains Satsumos Santa, Jingle Spells, Cinders, So White and Mr Butterball bath ballistics; Fairy Tail sugar scrub; Snow Fairy shower gel (100g); Let Them Eat Cake lip balm; Porridge soap (100g); Shimmy Shimmy glitter bar.

Winter Wonderland €64.95

Contains: Rub Rub Rub shower gel (100g), Snow Fairy shower gel (100g), Up You Gets emotibomb, Happy Hippy shower gel (100g), Porridge soap (100g), Snowcake soap (100g), Helping Hands hand cream, Snowshowers shower jelly, Sugar Scrub, Let Them Eat Cake lip balm, Vanilla Puff dusting powder, Strawberry Feels Forever massage bar, Double Fast Luck emotibomb, Fairy Tail sugar scrub.

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