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lush logoI used to hate Lush - I'd run past it with my nose turned up bemoaning the fact that you can smell it from Westmoreland Street. But then friends kept singing its praises so I decided to grudgingly give it a go. And I am converted - in particular I think their bath and shower products are fantastic. The bath bombs are great and while I'd be a bit sceptical about their supposed 'effects', they smell really nice and fizz up pleasingly in the bath. I'm most fond of the Happy Pill and Dream on ones - anything that promotes R&R is ok by me. The shower gels I've tried have been lovely too but I'm not so gone on their solid shampoos - they leave my hair very dry and rough. Skincare wise, I've not taken the plunge, but the aforementioned friends ohh and ahh over their handcream and facial moisturisers so perhaps one day I'll splurge. In fact, knowing me, that day will probably be v soon indeed.


Another nice thing about Lush is the staff - they're always nice and always willing to help.

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