Are you making these common makeup mistakes?

There's a fine line between an unfinished makeup and a polished makeup look. These three common makeup mistakes could be messing up your look.

Just the tiniest touches can transform your makeup from looking amateur to having a professional finish. There are little giveaways that just show you haven't given it care and attention. But, there are also some simple little things you can do to give it a beautiful finish. These small changes make a huge difference and they're easy to do so anybody can get that flawless finish.

common makeup mistakes

Mistake 1: Too much primer

Primer is a wonderful little invention that prepares and primes your skin before you apply your foundation. The idea is that it smooths over fine lines and open pores creating a smooth surface for your makeup to slide over. Primer can stop you getting shiny and it also smooths over any dry skin patches. It's a great start to your makeup because a flawless base is the foundation of any good makeup. However, primer must be used sparingly. Because of its texture and consistency, if you use too much it will pill and gather on the skin and have the opposite effect. Instead of beautiful smooth skin, your makeup will clump on top of it and roll off where there is too much primer. You generally only need a pea-sized amount for your whole face. I'm talking a petit pois sized pea. Concentrate it down your t-zone and spread it evenly.

Mistake 2: Unfinished foundation


This is a common foundation mistake I notice on people. It's not hugely noticeable but it makes a makeup look unfinished. People often rush their foundation and don't pay attention to detail. By detail, I mean the curves and angles of your face. You need to use a buffer foundation brush to work foundation in around your nose, mouth and chin area. This technique buffs the foundation in so that it doesn't highlight pores. You also need to bring the foundation right to your mouth so that there are no red tones showing through in your skin between your lipstick and where your foundation starts.

Mistake 3: Too much concealer

Concealer is another product that should be used sparingly to do its job correctly. Often, too much concealer, particularly around the eyes, highlights imperfections instead of concealing them. It gathers in the natural creases around your eyes and forehead. These are the movable areas of your face that product gathers in with the movement of your face. Just apply concealer to the inner corner of your nose just beneath your eyes. Concentrate the concealer in that area where the blue and red tones show through. Then you just use what's left on the brush to lightly conceal redness along the lower eyelid.

Do you think you might have been making these mistakes? Well, now you know how to fix them!

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