Max Factor Max Effect Mini Nail polish: all the colours of the rainbow - which would you choose?


One of the very best things about mini nailvarnish bottles is the fact that you actually stand some chance of using them up.  If you're anything like me you'll have hundreds of bottles of polish knocking around, half of them seperated and gunky.

But with minis that problem is solved because you use them up before you get sick of the colour.  And because they only cost a couple of quid each, you can buy enough colours for a skittles manicure (painting each nail a different shade) without guilt.

Cosmo and Sugar obviously went for colours to complement their fur.  Sugar prefers classic nudes and golds while Cosmo is a bit more daring and prefers blues and purples.  Both of them accessorized by lazing on an old fleece of mine which they love so much I have to wrestle it from them to put it in the wash.


Spice refused to comply and didn't want to pick any shade.  But at a push I think he might go for a glitter finish.

Max Factor Minis are a great, quick pop of colour.  Two coats gives you great coverage and wearability, while not amazing, is probably just normal stations.  I tend to be really hard on nail colour anyway and I wore no top coat with these.

18 shades are available and you can check them out here.

And now let me know which nail colours you're feeling at the moment!




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