Milk of Magnesia: wonder primer for oily skin

Milk of Magnesia, that well known laxative wielded by mammies around the world has another use. Just like sudocrem (better known for its sterling battles against nappy rash) and aspirin tablets, it's great for treating acne and spots. And it is also wondrous as an oily skin primer.

You Tube is full of "gurus" proclaiming its wonders. Now when I use the word "guru" here I use it in its loosest possible meaning. In fact the word "guru" when used in conjunction with You Tube has no relation to its original meaning.

Anyway I watched a few of them so you don't have to. Here's a short summary.

"Hi guys. Here's something amazing to show you guys. Can you guys see what I'm holding up? You guys will be blown away by this. For any of you guys who have oily skin this is a great product. It's an um ... laxative I think? You guys can buy it in the drugstore ..."


Continues in this fashion for eleven mind numbing minutes, only getting to the point at minute ten.

Anyway the gist of what they're saying is a long established truth - Milk of Magnesia is ace for oily skin. Paula Begoun raves about it, and it is often hailed as the cheapest and most effective base for makeup that oily skinned gals can use. Full of magnesium and zinc, it goes on almost like calamine lotion, but you will only need to wipe over the smallest amount with a cotton wool pad - you shouldn't even be able to see that it's on your face. Apply your makeup over it and bingo - it should keep your foundation from sliding off your face for the whole day and work as effectively as any primer

But when I say oily skin, I mean really oily. Gushing like a geyser. Don't use it if your skin is slightly oily or combination - it will just dry it out.

Who knows? Maybe you'll be inspired to record a YouTube too. But if you do - I beg of you - make sure you get to the point asap!

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