More Places to buy StriVectin

strivectinExcitement reigned yesterday with the post on StriVectin. A product that disintigrates stretchmarks and blasts lines? OH YES PLEASE! I gave you two places to buy - Harvey Nicks in Dundrum, and online from StriVectin's makers, Klein Becker.

Readers let us know of other places to buy in the comments. And that was such interesting information that it's worth a post of its own. So, if you can't get yourself to Harvey Nichols, you can buy from They stock the original cream (€120.25) which was developed for stretch marks, (but which loads of people also use on their faces) as well as the StriVectin eye cream (€94.50). And the boundless Strawberrynet are on the case too, bless their little cotton socks. They have lots of StriVectin goodies to choose from, and all with savings. The eye cream is €45.50, the Hydro-Thermal Deep Wrinkle Serum is €124 and the Intensive Concentrate for Existing Stretchmarks is available from €40.


Another reader recommended eBay - but you do have to be careful with eBay as fakes so abound, so exercise caution if you go down that route. If it's filthy cheap, it's cos it's made of filthy ingredients, so steer clear!

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