NEW! Nuxe Sun: Perfect Protection Against Red-Hot Ham Legs

We're on a sunscreen kick here at lately. We might be talking SPF a lot, but 'tis the season, and we can't bear the idea of any of our beloved readers getting the backs of their legs burnt. Oh, the pain of sitting down and feeling the grooves of a wicker chair biting into your tender, red-hot ham legs. Nobody wants that. Walking about as though you're riding an invisible horse because the very sensation of your own shorts against your skin is unbearable? Nobody wants that either. And for the love of God, don't forget your feet!

We're determined that you have all the sunscreen knowledge you need to get you through an overcashht Irish summer or a sun holiday, for which our ghostly complexions were never destined.

And we shall live in the eternal hope that the sun will shine at home this summer. Even if it doesn't, however, you still absolutely need SPF. If you're lucky enough to be headed somewhere properly hot, then you'll just need it even more.

There are several demands that we make of the most basic SPFs. First and foremost - broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection. (You can learn a bit more about the ins and outs of suncreen here). Next on our checklist is that it doesn't feel too greasy or clog the skin. And after that, if it can smell lovely and be waterproof, so much the better!

nuxe 1

This new sun range from Nuxe is lovely. The aim was to create something effective that people would actually WANT to keep applying. The most important element of protecting your skin in the sun is reapplication of your SPF. You're getting off to a great start if you apply it once, but you will damage your skin if you don't reapply every two to three hours while on a sun holiday.

  • Nuxe Sun Delicious Cream For Face High Protection SPF 30 (€19.85)

This emulsion for the face was formulated without alcohol or parabens, so it won't promote greasiness in your skin or cause clogging. Makeup will behave itself on top of this SPF and it features the same addictive floral and vanilla scent that's to be found in the rest of the range. This is a beautiful everyday SPF for sensitive skins during the Irish summer.

The one drawback of this is that if you are seriously pale (like me) or prone to heat rash in very strong sun, then this sunscreen won't be enough to take on holiday with you. So, for those of us who need super-high protection, an SPF50 like this one from Avene is essential.

The same goes for young children. If you're taking young ones on a sun holiday with you, don't take any risks. A minimum of SPF 50 is absolutely necessary. Yes, even in the shade!

  • Nuxe Sun Milky Spray Face and Body SPF 20 (€21.09)

Again, this one is alcohol and paraben free, which allows it to actually moisturise the skin while it offers broad spectrum protection. It's also water-resistant. If you have a naturally sallow complexion, then this lovely product should give  you adequate protection in the sun (provided you reapply it regularly). If you're more sun sensitive, this is a nice product to protect yourself from the Irish summer, but you might need SPF 30 minimum in a Spanish or Italian summer!

nuxe final 2

  • Nuxe Sun Refreshing After- Sun Lotion (€18.61)

When I was a kid, the aftersun would be whipped out by mammy after we got a royal burning. Aftersun will soothe sunburn (which, hopefully, you won't get) but if you want to maintain and prolong your tan, you need to keep skin happy and thoroughly moisturised. The drier your skin, the faster your tan will shed with the dry surface skin.

This aftersun is designed to help prolong a tan and contains lots of emollients and oils (like sunflower and coconut) to do just that. It also just SMELLS like summer holidays!

  • Nuxe Sun Tanning Oil Face and Body SPF 10 (€21.09)

Before the sun worshipers reach for this - HALT! This dry oil is utterly lovely. It will give the average pale, Irish person sufficient broad spectrum protection on an overcast March day in Laois.

It's so lovely, and I wish I could use it. I can't, though. I would look like a deep-fried cabbage patch doll within minutes. If you have a traditional Irish complexion, then so would you too. This is an utterly divine SPF for Mediterranean and darker skins (not the sallow kind of Irish skin, the sallow kind of sallow skin).

On a sun holiday, this just won't protect white skin sufficiently. If you're lucky enough to have toffee-toned skin, then you'll love this SPF.

nuxe final 1Overall, this is a lovely range of sunscreens. They smell divine, have a beautiful consistency, and will protect appropriate skin types really well. Just be extra careful to make sure that the product you choose has sufficient protection for your skin. If in doubt, go for a higher sun protection factor rather than a lower one. Also, slather children in the highest SPF you can find. We recommend Garnier Ambre Solaire's new Baby in the Shade as its specifically designed to protect munchkins with delicate skin! Whichever product you use on children, positively dip them in it. We can't risk our future beaut.ies.


Have you tried these lovelies from Nuxe? And which do you think is the best smelling sun cream of them all? Tell us in the comments!

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