Simple ways to improve your nighttime skincare routine

Nighttime skincare routines vary from person to person. But these simple tips will help just about anyone.

Nighttime skincare is a topic we're very passionate about here at Beaut HQ. We love nothing better than testing out serums, moisturisers, eye creams... basically, if it promises a youthful glow, we'll give it a go! The actual skincare itself is one thing, though, how and when you apply it can make a difference too. And that's what we're looking at today. Simple tips to improve your nighttime skincare routine.

Whether you're a devotee of a complex skincare ritual or prefer something quick and simple, here are our top tips for getting the most out of your nighttime skincare routine.

nighttime skincare

When to apply it

Like many of use, I've introduced a retinol serum into my skincare routine recently. One of the best tips I've learned is to apply your retinol products to clean dry skin and then leave it for 15-20mins to sink in. This lets the product do its magic, without any interference or dilution from other products. If you're not using retinol, then a similar idea applies to a traditional night cream. Apply it 30mins before bedtime so that your skin gets the benefits, rather than your pillow.


Keep it light

Have you ever woken up and been faced with puffy eyes, even after you've had a good nights rest? That could be down to a heavy-duty night cream migrating during the night. As we know, the skin around our eyes is thinner and more sensitive to rich products.

We often have a tendency to slather on night creams in the hopes that wearing more will result in an instantly refreshed face. If you're suffering from puffy eyes, try swapping out your night cream for a lighter fluid formula or nourishing facial oil. Alternatively, imagine working around a large set of invisible goggles when applying it - leaving enough space for potential absorption/migration of products.

Do you have any nighttime skin care routine tips?

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