Now that's what a good old-fashioned smokey eye looks like

Makeup just keeps getting better and better but can you actually beat an old-fashioned smokey eye? Thandie Newton wore it to perfection at the Golden Globes last week.

Smokey eyes have developed and changed over the years. But can we just not forget the original smokey eye, please? A smokey eye as it was intended to be was using different tints and tones of black eyeshadow to create a smokey effect around the eyes. The original smokey eye was super dark, super sexy and super messy to create. It was always a winner. Thandie Newton wore the old-fashioned smokey eye to perfection at this year's Golden Globes.



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More recently, we are more likely to create a smokey eye using browns and golds. Actually, as I say to people all the time, you can create a smokey eye with any colours you like. You can have a purple smokey eye or a red smokey eye but actually, it's rare that anybody wants an old-fashioned black and grey smokey eye. I think everybody feels browns and golds are a bit more flattering and easy to wear so it's a more popular choice. That's true in a sense, but a black smokey eye can be beautiful; it just has to be worn right.




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Thandie Newton showed us how it's done at the Golden Globes last week. Her makeup artist mastered the old-fashioned smokey eye for this look. If you just copy this look you will nail the old-school smokey eye. The trick is in the blending and the lipstick you pair it with. The technique is to get your eyeshadow the deepest and darkest at the lash line and have it diffuse out towards your crease getting lighter. To do this, use a black eyeshadow and kohl pencil along the upper and lower lashline and then blend it out using a soft grey eyeshadow.

The lipstick you pair it with needs to be soft. A nude will always work well with a black smokey eye. A neutral nude colour works best - not too brown and not too pink. We reckon Thandie absolutely nailed the original smokey eye look. Did you love it, too?

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