Nuxe Hand & Nail Cream: Niiice


It's been a while since I came across a hand cream to rival Clarins much lauded Hand & Nail Cream for a place in my affections. Aveda's Hand Relief was on the shopping list, obviously, for comedy value and a snigger every time I used it. But Nuxe have saved me from my inner teenage boy humour with their Reve de Miel Hand & Nail Cream, €12 - and hey, it's easy to remember since it's basically called exactly the same thing as the Clarins offering!

It's for dry, damaged, sensitive hands, and contains Chilean rose, avocado and sweet almond oils to nourish and fortify damaged tissue, and acacia honey to repair and restore elasticity. Rich and cosseting and luxurious in texture, it's absorbed quickly to leave no icky greasy residue on hands. Oh, and it smells only norjus.


Lovely jubbly.

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