NYX Makeup Setting Sprays: Can You Really Set Your Makeup Like Your Granny's Perm? Review

Setting sprays, lip lacquers, lotions and potions - the very mention of those words takes me back to the smell of Elnett filling the house when my granny was taking me on a day out. There is no doubt about it, hairspray is one of the best inventions in the beauty industry that any hair stylist or frizzy Lizzy like myself just couldn’t live without. But when it comes to our makeup, are these setting sprays something to rave about?

Fixing/setting sprays are all the rage at the minute what with the humidity taking its toll, so I was excited to try these. I actually travelled from Dublin to Belfast for a few nights recently and forgot my powder. I cursed my forgetful ways when I realised that as the proud owner of oily skin, I would have to sport a melt-y face without it. I quickly rummaged around my giant makeup bag, only to be delightfully surprised with a hopeful answer - NYX Matte Setting Spray. Hooray!

Now, I had visions of myself looking like what you would see on Hollywood red carpet - you know, a face that doesn’t budge (because of the makeup's staying power as opposed to movement-preventing Botox face). And so the following morning I sprayed this lovely mist and hoped for the best as I ventured out with my new FIXED face in place.


Two hours later I was sadly greeted by melting Molly in the mirror. I thought it might have been because I had skipped the powder. So I tried it again when I got home with my beloved oil controlling powder. Sadly, it made no difference. My makeup was packing its belongings and leaving my face.

This NYX setting spray comes in two types - a matte and a dewy finish. Both of these will set you back €9.99, with the main ingredient in both being good old aqua. But I didn't the dislike the dewy finish quite as much. I mean, spraying your foundation with a hydrating mist is going to give you a dewy finish in the short term, and this would serve as a decent spray for the dry-skinned amongst us.


Mac and Urban Decay both have their own versions of setting sprays and these will be next on my makeup-fixing list to trial.

Overall, these are both just nice refreshing mists that won't prolong your makeup, but neither will they remove it. The best I can say is that it's a way of getting that refreshing feeling without disturbing all the cosmetic work you've done.

And if that isn't damning with faint praise, I don't know what is.

Do you swear by any fixing/setting sprays? Or do you think these sprays are just another feel good factor?

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