Og Ireland peat beauty range : 100% natural and 100% Irish

"This is going to make me black and sticky isn't it?" I asked the Og Ireland people.

"Well it will make you black - but it won't be sticky" they promised.

When I first heard about this range it reminded me of Dead Sea mud ranges but with one important difference. This is mud from Ireland. Peat to be more precise and when I hear about an Irish skincare range I always prick up my ears.

Now because of my house move, I am shamefully behind with my product testing. In fact this is my first time to use the mask, but I can tell you it does have the consistency of a runny briquette and is blacker than the stewed coffee in your local pub. It doesn't smell of peat or muck thankfully and I can feel a definite tingling similar to the sensation of a glycolic product, so I will be very interested to see how this one works out. I'm definitely going to give it another go - anything with that stingy feeling is doing something.


You too could look this good in a thousand years

Peat is packed with essential oils, fatty acids and lipoids. These penetrate into skin hydrating and re-establishing the skin's natural pH balance. It goes without saying that this range is full of anti ageing promise - after all look at the preservation of bog bodies. But let's hope that it has the same benefits for actual living skin. As it's detoxifying and anti inflammatory, peat based products are also reported to be beneficial for eczema, psoriasis and acne.

It's always great to see an Irish skincare range, particularly one that makes use of one of our most iconic and natural resources. A jar of this mask costs €34 and to find out where to buy and read more details visit their site.

Now I really hope no one calls to the door.

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